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Answering most frequently asked questions

We at ELIN Cosmetics are always happy to be available to answer all kinds of questions from our customers! We like to know what's on your mind and what your needs are. In this entire process, we noticed that the same questions often come back in our mailbox.

So it's time to answer those most frequently asked questions in a more targeted way!

Here we go!

  1. Is your makeup workshop also suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! During our workshop we will be working on the basics of makeup in a relaxed and interactive way. What do you use brushes for? Which colors suit whom best? Which products are "essentials" in your beauty bag?

Then I will show you step by step on a model how you can create in a simple way a quick, natural look that, with practice, you can achieve in 5 minutes at home. During each step I give as much information as possible so you know perfectly what I'm talking about.

We end the workshop with a more sophisticated makeup creation that you can later pull out of your pocket for parties, date nights or whenever you feel like going that extra mile!

At ELIN Cosmetics we also love 'aftercare' so we'll email you the tutorials afterwards. Matter of not leaving you to your fate ;-)

During each step I give as much information as possible so you know perfectly what I'm talking about.

Interested in participating in one of our workshops? Then visit this page and reserve your spot!

2. Why do you use the term 'vegan' when presenting makeup brushes?

Throughout the decades, animal fibers have been used as bristles, mostly from squirrel, mink, pony or goat. Even though obtaining these fibers seems harmless, it comes with a strange undertaste. Obtaining the hairs is usually done after the slaughter of animals for their meat or full fur and so we can never fully speak of a "cruelty free" animal make-up brush.

But fortunately, the make-up industry came up with an alternative: synthetic fiber. These include polyester and taklon. The synthetic fiber, if handled properly by the customer, has a longer lifespan, but can sometimes feel like plastic. This is why our manufacturer developed a fiber that has scales, a bit like the hairs on our heads. This makes the makeup brush feel wonderfully soft and absorb product better.

Meanwhile, we are not standing still and are eagerly awaiting developments within the 'plant-based' concept.

We can never fully speak of a 'cruelty free' animal makeup brush.

3. Will you also launch makeup on the market?

Currently this is not yet in the planning, but never say never! Producing makeup requires a completely different process and as a brand it's best to take your time for that extensively.

In addition, we at ELIN Cosmetics stand for 'slow beauty', the equivalent of 'slow fashion': highly curated products of quality and no constant additions that are very trend bound. We like to think about every step we take and stay away from the throwaway idea. This way, we hope to conquer a permanent place in your bathroom/beauty room/heart with our makeup brushes and future additions (more on this later)!

We at ELIN Cosmetics stand for "slow beauty," the equivalent of "slow fashion"!

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