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Teambuilding make-up workshops

Teambuilding events bring a group together, create connection and improve work results. The informal atmosphere combines fun, inquisitiveness and social development and that's what we here at ELIN Cosmetics are all about.

That's why, after great demand, we are now offering team-building make-up workshops!

Who's in for some makeup deliciousness?

Are you excited at the idea of booking 1 or more workshops with your group or company, but do you still have some questions? We are happy to answer them for you here!

What exactly does this make-up workshop involve?

During our informal and interactive workshop of about 2 to 3 hours we teach you the basics of a good makeup. We guide you through the use of colors, techniques and styles and work with you to create 1 or more looks.

We literally and figuratively take you by the hand so everyone can go home with a good feeling, extra experience and a head full of tips and tricks.

How many people is such a workshop suitable for?

In order to work personally, we prefer groups of 6 to 8 people. Provided there is a surplus (for an assistant) we are happy to increase this to 10 participants for you.

Do we bring our own equipment?

We provide the full set-up and bring mirrors, makeup brushes, makeup and disinfection equipment. We also provide each participant with a small goodie bag, some discount coupons and a nibble.

We do ask everyone to bring their personal make-up bag, so that we can evaluate together what works well and what might still be needed.

Where do these workshops take place?

The location is entirely up to you. All we ask is that there be enough lighting, chairs and tables. So we are happy to come your way!

Does ELIN Cosmetics have a lot of experience with workshops?

Last year we already organized private and professional makeup workshops for small, enthusiastic groups, through which we managed to guide more than 175 individuals to more (self)confidence with makeup and themselves.

Would you like to book 1 or more teambuilding makeup workshops or do you still have questions? Contact us here. We would love to get in touch with you!

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