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Hello you,

Welcome to the community page of ELIN Cosmetics!

First of all, thank you for putting your trust in our brand.

We take your questions, concerns and suggestions seriously and are happy to address them!

As you will notice throughout the upcoming months, this page will regularly post tutorials with different looks you can create with our makeup brushes.

And to make these videos as understandable as possible, I'm giving you a 'Beauty Dictionary': a list of words that will be used frequently throughout all the writings and videos.

Just so we're all speaking the same language :-)

Beauty Dictionary


This is the piece of skin on your eyeball. You see little of it when your eyes are open and you really look at yourself in the mirror. Yet this part of your eye is important in your makeup, because nothing is two-dimensional. In daily life you blink your eyes and give expression, which makes the eyelid more visible.


The shadow area on the skin between the eyeball and brow bone. We often accentuate these to create a nice transition in your look, or to give depth.


The patch of skin at the upper and lower lash line that is actually always a little damp.


Mixing products into each other and into the skin in a soft, seamless way. This is done by making soft, circular movements.

Shaping / Contouring

Giving the face more depth by faking shadows. Usually done under the cheekbone, in the neck, on the nose and along the temples.


Giving the face (or body) warmth, as if the sun gave your face some color. Preferably done on the cheeks, nose and center of the forehead.


Baking involves placing a large amount of loose powder under the eye. After a few minutes you swipe the powder off, allowing the concealer to set, in a very matte way. This technique can cause dryness and tightness and it usually applied on tv and movie sets and in theatre.

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