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Don't let this heat mess up your party

Summer made its landing and we can feel it in the current temperatures!

With a swimming pool and the necessary shade nearby you can enjoy all this sultry weather, but what if just during these hot summer days your wedding party is planned?

How do you and your look survive?

Don't worry, with these tips and tricks I will guide you through all the hotness!

1. Keep a bottle of water nearby at all times. Dehydration brings a lot of inconvenience, while it's easily preventable. Of course, you don't have to trade in your wedding bouquet for a bottle of spa blue during that epic walk to the altar! Instead, ask one of your wedding guests to keep some (non-alcoholic) drinks nearby.

2. Put refreshment wipes or a washcloth in your 'rescue bag'.

3. Take regular breaks in a cool environment. The day will be long, so those 5 minutes here and there for yourself are going to be much needed.

4. Choose the right kind of foundation for your makeup look. On an overly opaque and matte foundation, you'll see every speck left by sweat drops, and one too glowy product will make you look extra shiny, which will affect the photos. Choose a light, semi-transparent foundation with a satin finish.

5. Work with a good primer for face and eyes so your make-up stays in place as long as possible.

6. A fixing spray can also help you!

7. Work with waterproof products for eyelashes and eyebrows.

8. Take your favorite make-up products and make-up brushes with you for any touch ups.

9. Will you wear your hair loose for the wedding? Then make sure you have some hairclips in your 'rescue bag'. We bet they'll come in handy when the heat hits hard.

10. Always wear sunscreen on your body and face. Nowadays you have great versions that mattify and do not irritate the eyes.

11. Take an ice pack with you and put it in the refrigerator or freezer at the location. In between, you can put it, always wrapped in a towel, on your wrists or in your neck for extra cooling.

12. Don't forget your sunglasses! Even more: make them your coolest accessory! Fashion statement and protection in one!

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