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Rescue tips and tricks for your wedding day

Better safe than sorry, right? Especially on The Big Day!

Ofcourse not everything will go smoothly, but there are some things you can prepare for without too much extra work.

During our 'Your Softest Moment' - campaign, we give a mini rescue kit with every order of a set of makeup brushes (big or small). This is a lightweight toiletry bag made from recycled cotton, filled with small essentials that can help you in an emergency.

Cotton swabs, jar for your lipstick, safety pins, hair sliders,.... You name it, we got it for you!

To the rescue

But what else do you have to look out for to make sure you can get through your most beautiful day without any worries?

Rescue tips&tricks

1.Do you have a stain on your wedding dress? Then gently dab it off with a white cloth or washcloth. Don't use water and don't rub too hard!

2. Apply deodorant with a "dry touch" for drier, fresher underarms all day long!

3.Drink plenty of water and carry your favorite sunscreen with you. Some beauty brands have a dry touch version that doesn't add shine. Perfect option!

4.Be careful with flower peddles and pollen! Do you see some of the yellow powder on your clothes? Then gently pat it away with tape.

5.Sit down or find a quiet moment for yourself here and there. Often a wedding day rushes by without really being able to reflect on things. During small breaks you can absorb all of the impressions .

6.Never forget: you are amazing, you look gorgeous and your partner loves you to the moon and back!

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