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Don't we all love a strong mood board? Pouring ideas through a funnel to come up with the ultimate concoction?

Moodboarding is a way to bring all of our ideas together and streamline them.

As a makeup artist, I call on my beloved Pinterest every week to capture the right mood for every production or shoot.

Engaged couples can also benefit from the right mood board to match their look to who they are, what they want and what subconsciously makes them tick.

I took some of the work out of your hands and created a series of mood boards that each relate to a certain category.

Which type do you most identify with?

Which 'board' expresses your desired style?

What do you want to stay far away from?

Boho style

You dream of a more intimate party (possibly abroad or on the beach), you go for the right combination of 'luxury' and 'relaxed' and love warmth and style. Your make-up may be clearly present and should especially radiate a wonderful glow, with the emphasis on the eyes. Your dream hairstyle is 'casual chic', with a natural wave and possibly some braids.

2. Traditional glam

You adore a lavish party and a glamorous dress with a classic cut. Your ideal make-up includes beautiful eyeshadow work, eyeliner, contouring and the right addition of false eyelashes.

Your dream hairstyle includes a sophisticated (but not old-fashioned) updo and is additionally embraced by a beautiful accessory.

3. Effortless beauty

In daily life, you rarely or never wear makeup and your partner also prefers to see you without too much fuss. Less is more, without sacrificing freshness and style. You want a radiant look that highlights your best features without too much maintenance.

4. Art Deco delight

You love a good statement! Your interior is probably already bathed in a modern art deco atmosphere and you'd like to carry that feeling of luxury through to your wedding day. You don't shy away from a strong lip, present eyeshadow work and a strongly groomed eyebrow. Your hairdo also calls for a modern interpretation of the typical art deco style, with an optional hair clip as an extra touch.

5. Fifties forever

The title speaks for itself: you embrace the retro vibes and you want to feel like a true 50's movie star on that big day. You like to combine fun with glamour, playfulness with sexiness. And in terms of beauty, this translates into a radiant red lipstick, a powerful eyeliner and a fresh blush!

Your hair is wavy, possibly tied up, in a soft but controlled way.

Be sure to let me know which moodboard you recognize yourself in!

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